Search the sheets for an item and add values from a column

I’m trying to add values ​​from a column coming from google sheets, indicating a certain value.
Can anyone help me with this?

please eleborate more to get help

I’m pulling data from google spreadsheets where I look for an item that is in a column and it makes me the sum that is in another as well as pulling data from them.

To pull the matching item from the col please use gviz query. You can get either the whole row data or that particular cell

To do that pls follow as per @TimAi2 guide

Friend, it would be possible to briefly clarify this line of code, in my case the response is coming with an error.
sum of a selected item in column A and sum of subitem in column C related to column A.

pls show your gsheet struture

select A, B, C, D, E, F Sum(F) where A contains ‘1250’

I’m using this line of reasoning to execute… am I right?

thi is not a valid url( gsheet id is invalid)… so create one temp sheet and paste some rough values and share us the sheet details, we will help you. To use query in this way your sheet must be set permission as atleast viewer

also this method of query is not a valid one… show us the sheet structure and tell us what you are expecting

in this case I want column C
KUY 8680 and the sum of columns E, F where the volar must contain the value of 100… does that help?

improper image

why dont you create another col which is the sum of these two (E 7 F) and query such col matching with col c instead of looking for complex formula???

friend I made this column G for totals.
where the column to be chosen is C with the color (yellow), I pull the data referring to it and measure the sum of column G in the color (blue) and the total of 100
can you help?

This worksheet undergoes minute-by-minute changes, when someone searches for how many KM the vehicle has driven and shown.

test this url,B,C,D,G%20where%20C='KUY-8680'

like this kind of result expecting?


you change what ever col you want

OR you want the details of rows where col G =100??

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I think I spelled it wrong.
I want to put the vehicle’s license plate on a label and the other the total value of the Km.
This will just be a quick report to see the number of kilometers traveled.

i think i am still unable to get you… You want to put the values into gsheet or want to pull the values from gsheet?? and based on the creteria is total km travelld is 100?

so you want to get details of the vechiles which travelld 100 km

there by vehicle license plate in a label an the km is in another label upon clicking the button right?

like this?


we can put the data into required component like label or text box anything else… Now from your gsheet data, i have tracked the vechiles which travelled more than 100km


no friend
I want to search for a vehicle and show me how many km it has driven overall
and the spreadsheet changes all the time with new updates.
did you understand me?
thank you for the help.

hold on foa a minute also add still more datas like other vehicles deatils(randomly) into the gsheet