Search view on Web1

Can you guys help me make auto fill search with Web1?
This is my block and it is not working. I only see examples with list_view

Actually you do not search using web component. Once you create your lists with web component then you can create a search procedure within those lists. Below I give you a hint to start with

when i do this? how will i show the result?
any advice?

After that you have to find for every item in that temp list the index that corresponds to the original list for example Calumpang’s index is 1 in temp_list but is index 2 in global regions and if you use a reverse list then index might be another number. After finding that original index then you can also call items from other global lists with the same index and use them in your procedure. Hope that helps

that’s a lot of work :grin:

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Will it work for a very long list . Around 10000 items in list?