Second page doesn't open

I hope someone can help me with this. It would be great if after the 10th pair a second page would be opened (call it an award-page), When I set it to 4 pairs, the second page is opened, but of course I have 10 pairs and then it doesn;t work. I have tried with 8 pairs and 9 pairs. I hope some-one can take a look at my blocks and could help me with this. It seems it doesn’t work consistently which makes it a little strange.

Thanks in advance


Sharing apk will not help you. Either share your blocks or AIA file. And you could upload directly in this community itself , no need to use third party and all. If you do so you will get solution quicker

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My apologies. I thought I uploaded the .aia-file. My bad :slight_smile:Flag_memory_20_reward.aia (5.4 MB)
I hope this helps someone to give me some advice.


More buttons you have used also uploaded jpeg file in asset… And the main thing, sorry, i cannot understand your logic

First response is your images are much to big.

You should make them much smaller especially the first 2.

See point 2 in the following topic.



I use Tiny PNG to compress my images:

Its lossless and reduces a very large amount of size

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OK. Thanks.