Second Right Side Menu

Hello community, I have my app almost finished, I want to add another menu created with the component “Vertical Arrangement”, which moves from right to left and that the icon is a star. This second menu will offer different options to the first menu (it moves from left to right), and I wish that the three-dot menu does not appear.


Currently unavailable…
You can use extension for that

Just uncheck the show option menu on screen properties

That will also disable star action icon, so not doable that you want


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Sorry I forgot to mention it

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Turning them off also trun off star so you can make your own title bar with horizontal arrangement and there you can show star…

Ok, I will wait for a new version of Kodular to see if they enable this option, thank you all for your answers.

but you can make your own title bar without dot menu, take a horizontal arrangement, fill color , arrange center vertically, take a label name it to screen name , add a space and then yout star button, size that layout around 70 px,

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