Security Of our Data, INQUIRY

Please anyone if you know, please tell me the Security details of this application. As I’ve entered a lot of personal data, please assist

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Can you please elaborate more about it . Your question was not clear or better read the Guide first…

I want to know if the app that is being created will be secure, as I will be uploading a lot of personal data. Please help me with information regarding the security of this app

Security depends on the developer

Kodular won’t have access to any of the personal data entered into your application. How you store the data either on the user’s device or on a personally hosted server depends on the developer. There are two kinds of data: data at rest i.e. when it’s sitting in the database and data on the transmission i.e. when data travels from the user device to the backend servers. For the second part, we have HTTPS-secured protocols meaning while the data in travelling it’s encrypted and someone in the middle cannot interpret it.

So explore your options and choose accordingly. But if your simple question was is modular secure to use, then yes it is.

This is not totally true. Kodular still has access to your projects.

We have seen in past if someone’s project was accidentally deleted or broken then upon request to Kodular staff, they were able to recover it.

So instead of uploading your personal data (if its very sensitive) directly on Kodular servers, use your own database to store and access it through your app.

Yes that’s what i said, kodular holds your projects on their server, now it’s your due diligence to keep your data secure. If you are putting all your data as files and uploading as asset to application then definitely it’s exposed. Better keep things secured outside where you have better control. Use Kodular for the designing and coding part. Keep data separate.

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