Select list item: List index too large, Mamoball

Hello everyone! I took a look at the topics but my problem is a little different. I get the error only in apk version. In companion, everything works well.

in companion:

in apk version:

By the way, I checked all my “select list item blocks” and my airtable spreadsheet out, but everthing seems normal.

hi @Mamoball_Turkiye_Club
We can’t help you without showing your blocks.And also try to debug your blocks by using the do it option so we ca know what every block retruns exactly?


Of course!

Fixture Screen:

Match Screen:

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Are any permission missing

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Do you mean this kind of permission?

BTW, here your spread sheets blocks doesn’t seem right.Becuase you are gettign kod column on screen initialize and then using got all columns event?? id don’t see any got column blocks.Or those blocks aren’t complete?Also try setting the switch variable before calling get column block and not after.And finally, i have one this error is random.I mean it sometimes says attempt to selcet 8 , and sometimes 3 etc…Or they aren’t random?

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Actually, everything works properly when I dismiss the “Select list item: List index too large” error by clicking the rest of the screen. So actually spreadsheet blocks work well. But I get the error though.

And oh yeah, I just noticed that initializing global kod is unnecessary. But it doesn’t cause the error, right?

I mean when I click the blue marked area, everything turns normal and get all spreadsheet data as I want

First thing first you are getting error in which screen is it Fixture Screen or Match Screen

And second thing is it your complete block of Match Screen I don’t think so

Because I can’t see any block where you are setting values into variable’s you created

in both of them:

it’s the Fixture Screen:

and the Match Screen:

Sure it is.

Here are the blocks:

@Mohamed_Tamer by the way, when I disable those blocks, I don’t get the error:

But I can’t figure out what’s wrong with them. Could you tell me please?

If it is your complete blocks then I must say you are doing it wrongly

you are not calling any rows from airtable


All your variables are empty list so if you use select list item list it will create an error which you are getting

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These all variables are empty you are not setting up any data/List into it in the match screen so you will get error

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Yes those variables you don’t use them.So the keep being empty.So your code will work good.But this error will occur.If you really don’t want them disable them.Else set them to any value.

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@CJcorp @Mohamed_Tamer OOPS! Silly me. I forgot to put “when .got column” block in to the image. Here:

That what i told you here :sweat_smile: from the very begining:

Yeah, sorry about that :sweat_smile:

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So now, all of my blocks looks fine. Don’t they? Should I share my spreadsheet with you?