Select List Item : List Index Too Large

Hello Please I Need Community Assistance on this Issue I know this issue as been discussed before but I don’t really find a Solution To The issue
I have one aia Quiz Application Working On But Anytime I want to I want to play the Quiz The Categories loading fine but the Question and Answer Page Keep Loading until when I press on it then it will Stop

The Error message I received is Select List Item : List Index Too Large
Select list item : Attempt to get item number 4 of a list length 0: ()

I’m using Firebase for admin Panel and Airtable For Questions and answers Spreadsheet

This is the Block

Your list is empty, use Do it to debug your blocks

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Please How Can I do it I have little understanding about this. Please help

Connect to companion & go to blocks section right click in block and do it !

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Tip 4 App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps

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Yes I have use Do It To Debug the Block This is the result I found Below Please I’m still learner kindly put me through

Ahh you are using local variables

See also Scott’s tip How to use ‘Do It’ to view procedure results, event arguments and local variables.

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Please I’m still a learner in this Developing Please can I send my aia file to you privately may be you can help me out. @Boban

What do you not understand? You are trying to get the 4th item in an empty list!

Sure I can try but I’m not promising god result, as you can see from the image

the procedure should not execute itself as you would get endless loop

Took a quick look at it, your code simple stops here

Spreadsheet1.Get column Option1 is never triggered, Is the name correct???

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@Boban Thanks So Much For Your Assistance I really appreciate
Concern the name is just aia file I got I don’t really know the much all what I think is to do some changes and start using it. But now what should I do next?

Honestly I don’t know, as I have never explored Spreadsheet component and there by can’t advice you…

But what I do know that this works and exist

Option1,2,3,4 either they don’t exist or they are wrongly named

Thanks so much @Boban I will try to get things done or it’s possible to give you access to my Spreadsheet on Airtable?

I prefer not, but you can probably show us by screenshotting how your spreadsheet looks like…

This is how The spreadsheet look like @Boban

Now I see it, just change Option4 to Option 4 as well as for 1,2 and 3



Thanks so much @Boban you have give me a Solution. Thanks I just change the options menu on spreadsheet. Thanks Good Job

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