Select list item not getting data properly

hello everyone,
i’m facing a problem with select list item component.
in the below blocks i have fetch lists from firebase realtime database. i also collected the index of the specific user from “att_student_list”, and other list contains the attendance details as number.

now i’m storing those values to those label but in every label it’s showing the username only

this is the output interface
Annotation 2021-04-26 180159

but it’s only showing username instead of numbers of presents, absent,late

Show your Firebase structure ???

Me too tried like this ,how are trying for airtable , but most of the time ended with error. To avoid this better use different firebase block for different query

Are you calling all the five actions at the same time or during the course of progress? Firebase won’t obey, as for as I know and experienced,

I’m storing them as a list.

Then instead of using this tough, use this simple block.

Call firebase get value
tag (ATTENDANCES/New Batch)
value (empty text box).

And in the When Firebase got value use one label ,

Set label text to get value…

And cross verify whether you are getting or not. If values are displaying then use select list item ffrom the list block and try

Hmm i should have check this

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