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i tried to do the “length of list list - 1” but it deletes one of my data from the list.
can you show me some other way? i really need the data that the block deletes.

i have this problem

and i solve it using this block but it deletes one of my data,

Try checking the size of the list, it doesn’t seem to be getting any value

this works but it deletes one of my data because of “length of list list globe sorted water level - 1”
is there other way to do it?

are you creating every time dynamic component or only one time? If only one time you are creating mean, then remove this block and try (dele used id)

But i am sure it wont delete your list item. none of your blocks(showed above) deletes your list item. may be due to some other block which is not shown here may be it does.

im viewing my data from firebase in dynamic components

I had an old aia of yours, so I test it and isolated the problem. You are using Listaddon extension and for a strange reason when you try to get the items using index from sorted list , the first index is not 1 but 0

Test this and see if it works for you

test_firebase_3_1.aia (55.4 KB)

what’s the content of this? there’s no result right now


test_firebase_3_2.aia (56.8 KB)

it’s working now, thank you so much :heart_eyes:

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but what if i want to change the arrangement into ascending? which should would i use?

Then in sorting list procedure just remove ListAddon Reverse list block and it will work :slight_smile:

hi @dora_paz im having problem with the blocks. the barangay name was double if they have the same value, how can i fix it?

Change sort_list procedure like this

i tried this error pop

Post a screenshot of the procedure

This error seems to be that you have missed to fill the index field somewhere else… pls check up slowly your blocks.

all of it have index already

Did you check any red error count is there in your project,

please help