Select part of text


how do i select only “meutitulo”

im trying …

if you know share with me…thank you

Remove https from the string. Then separate the rest by “/” Take the last item, which has the word “titulo” and separate it by the “=” sign and take the second item…


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Something like this?

on this blocks i need get the pars on for
if i get 2 4 6, im getting the titles…how do i erase de url from this list? or get the pars ? or select the second iten ?

Create a procedure

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its great, but ive diferent titles…
this get only the first…

You have a list of urls , so use that procedure to get all titles in a list


see this…i think when the list coming from baserow , change the list…

Split the text at & and select item with index 2 and use replace the titulo= text with empty string


good code, but on that code, i need get de pars on index…2 4 6 8 10 …

I was retrieved like this… In your example (i mean one link is having 3 items). Now i tetrived all the items from list of lists

I was copied this link and made a list with 5times. (I noticed this pair && amd removed one)

Did you expect like this?

Every link haveMeutitulo 3 times so now you are seeing 15 items

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see this…
i change somethings to be easyer to me…:slight_smile:

i create a list of pairs numbers too…(2 4 6…)
how do i do a for each to list , meutitulo1 meutiulo2 meutitulo3

I am not sure what you are expecting…

You have given us a link and want something you said so i tried and showed you. And you expected list of values. Again i have worked it and have given you all values from the link as a list. Anyway you have worked it and learned… Welldone :clap:

I believe i have too given simple blocks and you didnt try it seems

sorry man, im trying for many hours…many codes…so thank you…

Have you try my code? Did you get result? Did you get your link from basetow as a list or single cell value?

  1. If you are getting as a list then use above block
  2. If you are getting as a single cell value then remove the for each item in the list block & replace get item with baserow value

yeh, ive try…single cell…i think this is the problem…

Then try this code and let us know as soon as possible

(PS: right now you have only 1,2,3 onlybin the link so it returned only 3)

this code return… , if i change the number on for number , where number is (6)

if i change 6 to ->2-> i see meutitulo1
if i change 6 to ->4-> i see meutitulo2
if i change 6 to ->6-> i see meutitulo3

Pls see my blocks… You have misplaced the label text. It should come after the event but u have added within in it so it reurn the last value

Also see i have used the numbers in the number event as 2,6,2

ok i will show you…