Selection in ListView not aligned

Hello to all, i am new (in this community)
I would like to point out a small problem in selecting List View.
I have a List View populated with elements.
I select an element then I scroll quickly up or down.
The selection does not flow smoothly with the element.
I’m not enabled for upload files but I have a link to download AIA, APK and screenshots.

P.S. This “bug” is also present in MIT Appinventor, AppyBuilder, Thunkable and … Makeroid.
I ask you (as I have already done with AppInventor, without any feedback) if I can hope for a solution to this annoying problem.
Thank you all
Good job

Paolo V.

I agree this is an issue, I have also noticed it happen on one of my previous apps.

I’m sure one of the team could take a look into it.

Thanks Conor,
Then I hope that developers can fix this tiny but annoying bug
Greeting to the whole community

Paolo V.

hmmm I think too that was a bug

Hello Friends, Friends
some time ago I reported a bug on the ListView
Then Mika wrote that he was working on it.
I tested ListView in the new release and the bug still seems to be present.
Has there been no way of resolving this?
Thanks to everyone


The bug looks like a android bug.
I have tried something but i find no way how I can solve it.

I used a compleate new code for the listview, but the ‘bug’ is still present.
So i think it is a android bug and not a component bug.

Hello Mika, Hi Mika
thank you for your answer.
I saw the great work done by the Makeroid team on the ListView block (congratulations)

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if i change android version, then it can work?