Send and receive a text to a number online

I would like to get some help in sending or receiving a data via mobile contact number with the help of mobile network . (just like watsapp does).
Can u suggest block fr me
Thanking U IN advance

Hi, u will need this extension as kodular apps don’t run in background

Does these blocks helps me in doing the above function??

This is not blocks, this is an extension that you need to buy in order to achieve what you want

This is the sent section of my app . I need to send the message to a phone number and i had used firebase database. I had stored the value. Now , my doubt is How can i send this message online to the requied number .

Why not search before asking… You want to make a chat app … There are many guides on chat app… And one more you will only receive messages when your app is open, when app is closed it won’t receive messages until onesignal is not used or the extension i suggested is not used… For creating chat app follow the guide

The purpose of guide is to teach, not to give readymade work,

And btw @60140_Shameek_Biswas there is an aia attached… Please look before posting

@Soham_Shah hey , i need to send a particular data to the number that is entered via online. Whatsapp text is not what i meant :slight_smile: .ThankU in advance

You are confusing me; so you want to send a SMS or an online message like whatsapp?

the data is actually obtained by a sensor than what i am typing . I need to send this data to a phonenumber via mobile network . The receiver end has his/her network on .

The above blocks doesnot specify the number i am sending to ; Moreover , i am not typing any message to be send to the number

ok this is like whatsapp sending messages using network

And you have used texting component in your code, and for your kind information texting component is used to send SMS not message via network

And follow this guide to know how to properly communicate with firebase and if you want to send a particular message to a specific phone number, you need to set project bucket to phone number

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