Send custom messge using firebase to mobile number

i want to send custom message to my registered user mobile number through firebase something is it possible in kodular plz guide me thanks

For phone number verification (OTP) purpose or any other custom message??

for other purpose custom mesg like msg about due date , pay fee etc

Then you have to use 3rd party services or API.

do u know about any free service or api

There are many out there. i.e : you can use Way2

asmi bhai can i want to send message from my kodular app to my registered users they dont have my app i will send msg to their number not in app is it possible from way2 and kodualr

Yes it’s possible.

is there any tutorial on yt about that in hindi or urdu

  1. Fast2sms API
  1. Way2sms API

thanks bhai jan

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