Send data from one screen to another

In this add 3rd item and that is element index.

Element index = row number
Element index + 1 = row number

Just try both the condition every extension uses different index number. So you have to check it.

Now when you pass element index it mean you are passing row number.

And in Download Screen you can use it to get data.

this blocks are not working i am getting error

In this image what is list index value?

no i created a variable with listlindex

Instead of list index use element index from colintree list view option

ok i’ll try just a minute and what about in screen2

yes it worked now how to get it’s description?? and download button link

Use get cell in which row number will be Element index and column name will be description and so on…

sorry can you tell me in easier way

In this image have you added element index as new item in list?

no just changed global listindex to elementindex

Okay now add third element in which you will store element index

ok what is list then??
index is element index

The list you are passing :-
1.Title(by selecting item)
2.Sub title (by selecting item)
3.element index

like this??

No in last don’t use select item block just directly put element index block

and where should i add remaining two coloumns 1.Button link 2.Description in screen1 or Screen2??

Yes correct

ok now what about Screen2?