Send data from one screen to another

I am trying to create an app like store app and i am successfull in it, but now i wanted to send the data of the app along with some description of it to another screen when user click on download button please help me with this i am new to kodular and i dodn’t know it

you can use open another screen with start value block to send data to other screen

use above block to pass value and if you have to pass multiple values then make list of that value and pass it to another and use the value in another screen with there respective index in list.

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but how to send new coloumn data?
there are only 3coloumns in first page description in in 4h coloumn

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Would you like to elaborate?

can you help me please can you send me blocks images please

Okay @Sri_Harsha
Pls wait for around 20 min
Right now I’m outside home

ok thanks @nikzdreamer2001

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Suppose you have to send 5 values from one screen to another.
So, I created list of values which i have to pass.
so in first index i have stored title of APP
and in index 2 i have stored description
and so on…

Now when screen is opened we have to access value with there respective index.
Just try to understand following image.

here we are accessing value with the respective index.


ok but in the other screen i nedd to get a new coloumn based on user selection how can i get it?

Hello? Sense? We are here to help you, not to make your work. If you do not understand, you should ask for explanation, but asking for made-to-order blocks is like you are paying for this. If you are really paying for this, then move this topic to #marketplace please. Thx.

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Not like that i’m getting the data but i also need new data from my table which should be shown in screen2 so i’m asking for help

Then PM people and don’t make this Off-topic.

just pass selection index to new screen and call get row or cell in that screen.

sorry to bother you i’m new here can you explain some what easier please

I mean when colintree item click then send element index to new screen with other value if you want.

And from that element index you can get other values in new screen

i am getting error when sending data to next screen

Send block of opening screen.


screen 2
blocks (2)