Send delivery address

Please anyone know how to make app in which user sends destination address to deliver a parcel with item name in that parcel.
For eg.
I m a user and i want to send medicines then i need to give destination or delivery address.

Now how to make app that do this?
Pls help

Do you have basic knowledge on this platform or are you new ? If new start from basic apps.


I am not new…

Hi Kodular users,
I want to know that how to send notification from user app to admin app… Pls help

I see you making a lot of topics with related questions. When users help you you don’t follow through. Not saying if the answer helped of what you have tried yourself.

Read this topic before asking questions. It may help you to ask better questions or give more info in what you are trying to do.

Do you want to send notification from your Admin app to your main app?

No i want to send notification from user app to admin app.
For eg. If some user click on button in user app then notification will sent on admin app

You can store users click via your database.
Then you can set your threshold for giving warning/notify you.

Ok i will store user click but how then i receive notification
? Pls help

you can set threshold for alert.
suppose when users click on 10 times, you will notify your users.

Suppose that is courier app and when user send me pickup address from user app i will receieve that data in airtable but how i get notified in admin app.

pickup=users address;
if(pickup is not empty)
then notify the admin

first declare a variable, then asign value like as address
then check value is empty or not
if not empty then notify admin or your task is here

for that you need configure your both apps.

Can u please please show me some blocks to help me… Plss its urgent… :heart_decoration:

Is it urgent because you have a customer waiting or do you have deliver to school? Patience is a virtue. I merged your topics. Like i said earlier the are related.

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You Can Use FireBase to Get The Delivery Address From User Manually ,