Send multiple image from list

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do send multiple images but if the check box checked. So, could you help me?

I put images and check boxes. If check box checked send the image. I can send 1 image but I can’t send 2 images, still it’s trying to send last checked check box’s image. Please see my block.

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Hi, since this is your first question so it’s okay but from next time, do not create duplicate topics.

here is your solution :

Dear friend,

It’s showing how to send multiple file from list. But I need to send files if check box checked.
Like, there are 10 files, I want to send 3 files from selected items. I’m trying how to do it.
If you know how to make a list from selected items, could you give me information?

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If possible try like this,

Since kodular companion server is down, i am sharing you MIT blocks


It worked so well. Thanks a lot.

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