Send notification by via bluetooth ,wifi or hotspot

hi makeroider’s:
Is there any way to send notification by via bluetooth ,wifi or hotspot.
If yes please send source code :grinning:

Hello @Abdul_Maajith
Can you explain a bit more what you mean by "sending notification via bluetooth,wifi or hotspot " ?
Do you transfering data through bluetooth or wifi ?

no,I want send notification through notification extension by one phone to another phone via bluetooth ,wifi or hotspot. Is it possibe???

I hope I understand it:

You have 2 deviced, device 1 and device 2

They are connected with Bluetooth. When you click on button1 op Device 1, then a notifications pops up at Devices 2.

Yes, Whether its possible.?

Well, you can use the BluetoothServer and BluetoothClient to send data, then you can make an if statement with if message = … then show notification.

Btw there is a notification component upcoming to show a notification on the device. And there is also a pushnotification upcoming, then you can send a notification to all the devices where your app is installed

whether its an extension or inbuilt feature of makeroid?

It’s an in-built component. So you’ll just drag it out of the palette just like other components.


Oh. Awaiting this feature. Thanks.

We hope to have it in the builder today or tomorrow :slight_smile:


please send source code

It was just an idea. You need to make it yourself

just now I understood your idea I’ll try that :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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