Send notification when app is closed

How can I send a notification to a user even if the user’s app is closed from recent apps? Like WhatsApp, it sends you a notification if a new message is received. I want the notification work even if app is not running.

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You can use the Push Notifications component.


Thank you!

push notification works only when the app is running in background.

i read the last time that it is possible with a extension to set a notofication which will be safed in the background than you app does not have to run for that.
And there is a way with that extension to safe the notofiaction again if you restart your phone. Normally the notification is gone if you make a restart and the app does not run.
With that extension the notification is safed in the background and of you restart the phone it will be seT again.

i believe the notification can be found in the thunkable forum but i am not sure 100%

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Use onesignal its a best for notification

You can use onesignal but if you want GPDR conform you hae to pay 100Dollar ech month otherwise it is not EU conform which could be expensive for you.

Then limit which continents and countries your app is in then if you can’t pay $100.

This means without all countries in the EU: With that option you loose a lot of possible users or not if you say not to EU Countries. Alone in Germany there are 81Million People and i believe more as each seconf person will use a smmartphone.
But the EU is bigger as Germany.
I think as you wrote this is a possibility but with as i wrote you loose much possible users.

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Yes you lost many users but you’ll save $100. Unless you don’t have notifications for a few months, and get some type of income whether it’s from ads, IAP, so on… then you could have notifications. There’s no possible way you can do this without OneSignal. I don’t know if this is true but, OneSignal is the one making your app non compliant, people should sue them for their data, not you, them.

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Yeah true. But have you heard about sending a push message using Firebase Cloud Messaging?

Yes i know that i can mmake a push notifictaion with firebase, but i dont know how. I did not use that in my app in the moment.

But it sounds like as you know it, if yes, than show the user and me how, please.

If you know how to please let me know.

I want to receive a push notification when firebase realtime database change

The problem is in the device settings.

Sorry for a mistake. I am Brazilian