Send notifications to devices that have my app

Hi, sorry if it’s a wrong place.
We are a team of volunteers who created an app with App Inventor to organize our activities.
we are not web / app / notifications experts, so we ask for help.

the App Inventor app includes:

  • events calendar
  • vehicle control
  • weather report

Currently the application does not send notifications, but simply collects in one place a lot of information for operators who use it.

I have no idea how simple notifications that arrive as push notifications should be integrated on the phones of whom they are connected.

I mainly need these notifications:

  1. “Availability Request”
  2. “Activating teams”
  3. “An event has been added to the calendar”
  4. “Service communication”

I need these notifications to be sent by 3/4 classified as Team Leaders to all operators even if the application is closed

How can I do?
I don’t know how to integrate them / write the code / and only 4 people can send notifications to everyone

thanks to everyone can help us!

This guide might be helpful to you:

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