Send numbers from ESP32 to phone

Hi, I need to send 4 integers, between 10 and 150, from ESP32 to my mobile phone via Bluetooth. I succeeded with one number, but I have a 4 element array containing these numbers.
The code for ESP32 is:

if (message==“phases”){
for(int i=0;i<3;i++){
time is the array of 4 elements.

On my phone I have a menu, when I click on the “Phase time” button, kodular sends the word “phases” and the ESP32 enters the phases menu. First it sends the phase values to kodular with the code posted above, then it should do other things that I still have to write because I can’t get this to work. Kodular should read the 4 values and display them in 4 Text_Boxes. Below I post the blocks on Kodular.

Can you help me solve the problem, thanks.
Sorry for the English, I translated with Google.

What value are you getting with this block?