Send Sms to Firebase Stored Numbser on Click Button

I have stored 2 3 phone numbsers on firebase , i want to send text sms to all of them at same time. on click button. please help.

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What message you wanna sent to them. Because Firebase authentication is only for verification purpose…

use for each item,

store that numbers in a list , and use for each item in list (numbers list) set number to get item and send sms.

Please you can send the Block Diagrams. Please

Why not try yourself and when it doesn’t work show what you have done?

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I have tried this too. but not working

i am working on blood bank project.
and want to add click button function to send message on all numbers that users stored with their names and blood type

this is not a valid numbers list, you have to get all number in list, where you have stored your numbers?