Send Text with values from TinyDB


I am trying to create a one-click experience. The user previously stored the contact’s name and number via TinyDB.

Tag = Value
user_contact_name = First and Last name of the contact
user_contact_phone = 10 digit number

User clicks ‘Activate’, calls for camcorder and user starts recording as the app sends a text message to the user’s contact phone.

When entering an actual number in the 'set(Texting1)(Phone Number)to, the recording starts and text sends successfully.

Referencing the tags, I would like to add a function that replaces the ‘user_contact_phone’ with the actual phone number value for that tag.
And replace the ‘user_contact_name’ with the Contact’s first and last name in the actual text message.

Any screenshots would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much!