Send user data when he is online

Please help me creating an app. I want to send some info from a form app which consists of text, audio and image. Collected offline from user and send to Google sheet when the user becomes online.

Could it be possible using kodular? Pls guide me some steps.


Yes you can use google spread sheet extension

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Basically I am asking about auto-sync of data user form data. collected in offline mode and when the user connects with network it got sync automatically.

Oh sorry… don’t know what happened…

Get it under Connectivity>network

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I think It could be done using Background tasks extension to check the connectivity. Once the user is connected we can upload the data to google sheet.
Using Background task to check the connectivity every appropriate seconds. The example and tutorials are not available for background tasks for such tasks. Could someone please point me to an example.


I have tried to find the network status using background task. But I didn’t get the result “true of false” of “IsConnected” Return Result. How can we retrieve returned results. Could some one guide me please. (AIA file is attached.)
BackgroundTasksNetwork.aia (383.3 KB)

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