Sending bot messages to threads in Telegram chat

With the new update to Telegram, topics can be created in group chat.

I want to send messages to these topics with my telegram bot.

In the past, it was enough to forward the messages to the group using the method below. But now I have to refer to the topics in the group. Can anyone with knowledge help?


By responding to the message that a topic has been created in the group chat, writing a message in the topic is taking place.

If I succeed in responding via the bot, I will share how I did it here.


Hello, thank you for sharing this!
I have the same troubles, sorry I can’t find the way on how to get 'a topic has been created ’ id. Can you help me please?

What you need to do as a valuable person is to create a topic. Then to find out the message id of the topic you created. then replying to that message ID.

The essence of the matter is that the topics are a message, not a separate conversation. If you reply to the message, you’re replying to the thread. stay with love