Sending Confirmation Emails for Firebase Auth


When users register in my app, firebase does not send confirmation/verification email. How to fix it? I wrote to them via email support and they told me to ask on StackOverflow. I did, but I didn’t get an answer. Can someone please help me??? It’s been 4 months and it’s still not fixed!

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what method are you using to request a confirmation email for users. show your blocks/
(if you think it is auotmatic then you are wrong. you need to create post request using web component)

I’m currently using @Androteq 's Kodula authentication template because I thought the problem was in my blocks. Anyway, here’s a screenshot

the above method is just for sign up.

in this image there is not method to send email verification mail. you need to send a post request using firebase rest api method and web component.

can you please send blocks?

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here is a image of block

and here is the exported screen that you can import in you project.
ghm_Screen1.ais (2.4 KB)

mark this as solution if it helps you.

where do i get the googleapis thing?

use your firebase web api key

okay. i’ll try when i’m home and let you know if it works.

what says in the text block above Text_Box1.Text and should I change it?

in this text box user enter email verification code sent to his email

no, not this. the first join

you asked for

there is only one textbox have you imported tthe screen in you project or not ?

yes. only 1. And do I have to make my own firebase database? Because I see there is one in the imported screen

no bro firebase databse is not needed in this method you can remove firebase database component.

ok, can you tell me what I need to modify, because it’s not working?

have you set your firebase api and users id token ?

Firebase web API key?

and where can I get the users id token?

Firebase api key (Firebase token) which you are using in your databse.
and for idtoken you need to use this firebase extension. com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseAuth.aix (37.8 KB)
use when signup sucesss block.

if still don’t understand then share your aia.