sending listview data on screen 1 to several different screens

I am a new user of the Kodular application, I have just created a mail application display and mail reporting, and there is some coding that I don’t know how to make… my application has 3 features:

  • Make letter
  • Reporting Letter
  • Archive letters

Previously, I will share an example of a screen that I made.

  • User 1 = Screen A (creating data)
  • User 2 = Screen B (listview data results)
  • User 3 and 4 Screen C and Screen D (Receiver of listview data from screen B)

As user 1, I have input data on Screen A, which will then be received by user B and the data will be entered into the Listview on Screen B.

Then User 2 wants to send the listview data to users 3 and 4 without opening screens C and D,

what I want to ask is, what is the coding to send listview data from user 2 on screen B to users 3 and 4 who have screens C and D without user 2 having to open screens C and D

Can anyone help me?

The first thing you need is a login or a method to identify which user open the app.
Second thing , which is your database ? You have to store data on line to share informations between different users .
Or all the users will use the same device but in different time?