SEO for mobile applications

Hello !

I have make many applications with kodular.
I have always a problem, how to have my application in the top 10 of first position.
For example, I have an application named : “Next Authenticator”, if you enter authenticator or anything, you have to scroll realy lots of in order to find it…

What can we do for that ?
Are there any tips ?

Thanks in advance !

It would be really hard to overcome the Google Authenticator or other known authenticator.
One way is to make enough advertisements for your app to get better ranking.
The better way is to make something unique that don’t exist from big companies.

If the app is needed and unique, your ranking and downloads are higher you should be listed very high in the search results.

Ok, yes, but now the problem is to have the good idea…
So, if I understand, there are no tips to make a bettre seo ? in the title, in the text description, in the application or other ?

Make good screenshots and enough images in your App description. You can copy that from big apps like Instagram but make sure you make it creative in your own way.
If you have enough money to spend you can advertise your app in the search results too.

What application do you want to compete with, if you want to get to the top 1, you will have to spend about 1k5 USD

Basic seo is write your package name as per app name.

yes, good idea ! (but I have a space in my name… arfffff)
and no sorry @Tuan_Vu_Minh , I have not enough money :smiley: it is for pleasure I do it !

Thanks !

depending on the competition of other apps