Separate accounts, how to do this?


Well, I have some doubts.
I am setting up a Project where each user would have their own data and other users would not have access to that data. Example: when Roberth edits his dog’s name in the app, only he will have access to this information, everything he changes in the app should only change for him so he can change the app’s background to green and another user to red.
I don’t know if you could understand it well. I currently use Firebase but whenever I put 2 users in my app, when one makes a change this change also appears to the other user, how can I change it?

Help, maybe it’s something really silly that I’m not seeing haha

I think better us to use airtable or firebase storage

already i m using this method…every user have its own login(username, pass)…
user can’t able to use other user (username pass)…only his account(which is giving by owner) is working for his…

Well, the name of your problem is database programming logic. This is not a “technique” as mentioned. This is the obvious. In a multi-user system there is data for global access, individual access, local access and access in the cloud.

First do this division…

The background colors? will they be local database or cloud? Think … what about animal data? Will they be in the cloud, will they be individual or global? How to make each animal belong to one and only one owner? Will you put the owner’s code in the animal’s data? Can each animal belong to more than one owner?

I know the problem is this, I can’t do is work haha

About the background color, it is like a reference for a different theme for each user.
The data will be in the cloud, as I already mentioned I use firebase in this project.
The animals will all be individual and would belong to only one owner but the idea was if the owner allows, someone else could have access to that animal, sharing some access code or some file of the animal. I really don’t know how to do this, so I asked for help …

Did you try something?

First save user data by tag of user android id,imei,serial num etc…then set fucntion of matching android id in user app when user want change anything 1st app search user android id tag then get inside values of his android id tag…

I understand, so when I call this data I would have to use the id tag that the user created, is that it?

save username tag with user android id…then get value of this tag…when u got value then set firebase bucket as got value{ android id} and then get inside value that u can edit…and also other side ur user has separate account detail in his android id parent tag…he only use access edit his data.

Boy this seems to be complex, I’ll try to assemble the blocks

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No its not complex its to simple

when user registering…first get his mobiles`s android id and put as parent tag bucket…then all his giving detail saved in his android id tag bucket…

on user app…on screen intialiaze get all tags of users and when tags get then set firebase bucket as android id…every device has diffr android id so data saved as separate of every user

That worked. I used different parameters like Email (with block to replace the dot with “1”) + User password + IMEI, this generates an individual user id. This configuration is temporary but the important thing is to know that it works, thank you! = D

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i dnt understand…show me blocks pics

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