Seperate dynamic cards by categories

I am trying to create a book app using dynamic card and image and i am successfull in it but now i wanted to seperate them like categories means if user choose all all books should appear and if the user choose category1 only those should appear and so on how to do it please help

You can check this guide :wink::


But i am not using list view i am using dynamic components

You can use the same logic in your project, just replace the list view blocks with your dynamic card view blocks.

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I am not using spinner i am using tags extension by deephost

As I said before , just learn from its logic.


Sorry can you help me through the blocks i am unable to do it on my self

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You always ask for readymade blocks.

Try something on yourself, logic and guide is provided to you. Show us your efforts and if you face any problems then we are here to solve it.

This is the best way to learn.


Used these blocks

blocks (1)

Got this error

It is detecting the starting position of the tag but not showing

After timer enabled

How your list ( all books & allbooksimages) looks like?
Also way you select from the all books list items to set for your all image list .
Also , is all bookslist is your category list? If not so you should have one.

This is my output

no all books is my books titles which are not visible and i wanted to categorize from contains text peice because in books titles i am using words based on my categories

You didn’t used my logic from Filter View guide.

First make 2 lists. First list of item which will be shown and second for category.

And apply same logic from guide.

In place of spinner selection use tag.

I have used this one

It is working for single item means if the category contains one item then it is working otherwise it is showing an error

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Yes i have replaced it with my tag value
These are my blocks
blocks (1)

Try this

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Thanks but i am able to search but it is only working for one only one item in a category and if a category contains mare than one item then it is showing a error

My new blocks
all_books is books titles
all_booksimages is books images

Yes that is the error what to do

it is the starting item from the selected category

Can i share my ais if anyone want me to but please help me with this