Serious payment error

I made an error during payment and the payment was not completed. However, even though the payment has not been made, screenshot says payment is indicated. Of course, the fee is still 30%. I want to get rid of this fee quickly.

More unfortunately Another card was added by asking to try another card. Because already marked as paid, so it was impossible to pay with other card, and I tried to delete one of the two cards, but it could not be deleted.

Thank you for prompt processing. The 30% commission is too harsh. Please process it as quickly as possible.,…

It seems you have 2 accounts on the community. Only one is allowed. Which one should I delete?

I didn’t know. Sorry,
I’m using the account that now commenting on

It’s a very ignorant method, but I solved it


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And how did you solve it?

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I just completely deleted the project and re-imported it. :rofl::rofl:

I hope this bug to fix soon. I was scared that I couldn’t pay.

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