Server error building app

I see that the servers can’t build my app,
Maybe the Kodular servers have fallen down? (see image)


It will always show the last two as zero.

Try reloading the website two three times, and build apk

What error do you get while compiling the apk?

Additionally, lower ping means better.

Thanks for your answers, but it’s still not working…
Could it be because I have too many components in one screen?

I get ‘Build failed! Server error performing build’

There must be a view log button appearing on the screen when this error arrives. If you see that just click it to see the logs. You can also post the logs here

How many components are there

Thanks, but the log is empty, it shows a line like this: -

A lot, but I tried to make a copy of the project and deleted all the components & extensions to see the result and it’s still not working

Have you tried this?

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Thank you very very much for your answer!
Now I can compile my project!

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