Server error could not copy screen

server error could not copy screen .plz try again
do not copy one screen to another screen
i have aia file upload other project which create kodular same platform id
plz help


Try with another browser

i think your network is slow
try page reload

Are you copying Screen1? If yes then, you can’t copy Screen1

No, you’re wrong. You can copy Screen1 also​:wink:

how come?? Screen 1 has all the required properties that control the whole app like app version, splash screen…and so on… so if we copy Screen1 those properties will also be copied and will replicate like Screen1 so technically we can’t have the same properties repeated

No, Few days I copied Screen1 successfully

Are you sure as i have faced this error whenever i tried to copy it…Anyways let the OP reply whether he’s using Screen1 or not …if he’s not then we went offtopic

Yeah man, I’m sure :100::boom: