Server error: Could not load file. Please try again later

good morning, since yesterday i can’t open my project i get the error message: Server error: Could not load file. Please try again later.
I worked so hard on it and now I can’t work on it anymore, it’s very frustrating. can someone help?

Is it only one specific project or all of them, if specific then it might be to big to load or so…

it’s just a specific one, the others open up, even a bigger one

Sorry I’m clueless

you don’t have to apologize and thanks for the interest

Try to click on the save project several Times. I am also getting this error. I believe the error occurred because the build servers were busy.

Well he can’t even open it.

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How am I going to click on salsar if it doesn’t open?

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Ooo! You can’t open the project.

Do you have a good internet connection?

If have then try this steps…

  1. Open using VPN
  2. Clear the cache ( Only Cache )
  3. OFF Vpn
  4. Open Kodular Creator
  5. Clear Cache Again
  6. Restart Browser
  7. And then Try to open the project.

I think the problem is in the browser. Chromium based browser have such problems, they always half download the resources ( Files ). So When you are using Kodular then the Browser may be trying to download & save Resources as Cache & Kodular is not giving the permission for 2nd time. Try this, then We could confuse kodular ( Because Kodular is using Cloudflare ) and the Browser will work normally.

I have a very good internet connection, and I can open another project with double the size!

If you wish download aia and upload it here so someone can check it or pm your aia

Try this steps…

May I ask how many assets do you have

I did what you proposed, but it’s still the same

how many projects do i have?

assets in that project

Is it possible to see without opening it?

Quite Surprising! I have done this type of things in many sites. Which browser you are using!
If possible then Try Logging out from Kodular and Logging back.

I have Chrome, but I’ve also used Microsoft Edge

Download your aia file and open it with 7-zip/winrar and check it…