Server Error Problem

I’ve been working on this Casino project more than 3 months and I encountered “server error” problems many times and finally move to Makeroid and start it from scratch and almost finish it but unfortunately the same “server error” happens again. So I deleted the project and upload the latest copy of aia files but Makeroid showing the same “server error, can not load file.” I know the project may be contain too many blocks and I want to remove some but can not load it or open it.
Makeroid developers, please help me to fix or remove some of the bugs in my project and let me to finish it and upload to Google Play.
Thank you very much.

My project name:
LaoHuJi_TW_0L6L1y0L2e0L1y8b_a.aia .

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Thanks. I’ve tried my best. I also downloaded the MIT AI2 Ultimate offline local server and Appybuilder offline/personal and try to open it. I also searching for the aia decoder but couldn’t find a good and working one. I have no coding knowledge and only start making android app on Thunkable 1 year ago. I learn my way via all the online resources as much as possible. So every efforts meeting the end then I only post my problem here to seek help.

I understand your problem but you have to give more info. Post your blocks, tell about extensions you are using. Do you use large assets in the form of images for instance.

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Never mind. I’ll drop the project and start another new one. Thanks anyway.