Set AdUnitID Admob Banner And Internitial

Hi, I Try to build an App that contain a ads in there, but i wanna change the AdUnitID at the block but i did’nt find the block, Maybe Someone can help me ???

Block for this is not available.
BTW why you want to change it using blocks, when you can simply put your IDs in the designer section? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I want make App for Teacher, So teacher will get money from their Apps with Ads, Every Different teacher will have different ADS ID so they can get their own money from their App. This App its not only for one teacher but for many teacher that want to have extra Income. Thats why I want the Apps can set the unit ID at the Block. SO There are a way that I can have that Block ? Maybe a extension or whatever ?

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I just have a query. What do mean by teacher?
A school Teacher or some else!

In my country there are two type of school teacher, one is permanent teacher and the other one is honorary teacher, and the salary of honorary teacher is really cheap, that why with the App he can get more extra money from App ads and they neet to share material to their student from this App. The student will donwload and use App for learning, and the teacer will get money from that

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So, if you think that ads can make a good earning then you are wrong. You don’t earn a lot of money from the ads, but only if you have many users, say about 10k to 100k daily active users, then you can consider it as a real earning.
I understand the problem of the teachers of your country but I don’t think that what they will earn from those ads will be enough. If the app that you are developing is really very much beneficial for the students, then you can ask the teachers to charge a one time (or a monthly/annual) fee for the app instead of depending on those ads. :slightly_smiling_face:


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