Set as wallpaper option for lock screen for Wallpaper Component

i have used activity starter (android.intent.action.ATTACH_DATA) with (dataType = image/*) to set wallpaper for lock screen, home screen or both.

but it seems to be not working on most of the device, many users told me that the app is crashed when calling this function, so i started using wallpaper component.

the Set As block works perfectly but it doesn’t provide any option to choose where i want to set that wallpaper. set as only works for home screen.

so i request you to add an option to change wallpaper like we do from our system gallery application.

Thank You

Why dont you use the wallpaper component?

I think he does use it. (end of paragraph 2)

i did… but it set wallpaper for only home screen, not lock screen

Then we can add maybe a option for that.


if we get same function which - android.intent.action.ATTACH_DATA - provides, then it will be awesome…

thank you

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