Set Blocks: 45 buttons with 45 Arrangements

Hi community!

In one screen I have one arrangament “Inici” for 45 buttons (Joc1, Joc2, Joc3… Joc45-> visible true in “Inici”) and 45 Arrangements (J1, J2, J3… J45 -> visible false).

I have too one arrangement for the buttons “ARR_BVOL_BSIG” (visible false) with one button to back “BVOLVER”.

My idea it’s:

You click at JocX and it sets JX visible true, “ARR_BVOL_BSIG” visible true and it set’s “Inici” visible false.

And if you click “BVOLVER” it has to set JX visible false and “Inici” visible true.

I don’t want the various open arrangements to accumulate when you click BACK and other JX button (that it will open another arrangement JocX).

Is there any easy way to reduce the code and not have to configure the 45 buttons / arrangements with lists or other blocks?

I’m on the right track (IMAGE) or what should I do?

Thank you very much for those who try to help me and I’m sorry if I don’t express myself in the best way

Can you please explain what you want. Because you are so confusing…so please make a short description.

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Yes, I’m sorry, I explained it very badly. I would try to do it better:

I need:

One screen with:

1 principal arrangement with 45 buttons
+45 arrangements
+1 arrangement with 1 button to BACK and 1 button to NEXT [Buttons Arrangement]

The blocks:

1. You click 1 of the 45 buttons:

It appears 1 arrangement of the 45 and the buttons arrangement. The principal arrangement disappear.

2. BACK button: These arrangements that appeared must disappear. Principal arrangement returns.

3. NEXT button: Go from Arrangement X to Arrangement X+1.

My main problem I think is with the 45 buttons/arrangements, I look for some simplified way to make them appear and disappear without having to configure the blocks for the 45.

I hope I have explained myself better, thanks for your time

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Ya this tym i got you. But tell me first why you want 45 button & arrangements in your app. It’s look so unprofessional…

So unprofessional… lol. Yes, at the moment my app’s are not so professional 8)

To show different texts of differents games like game 1, game 2, game 3. (Games are only writed, only text)

It will be better if I change the text of different labels? Or better with different arrangements?

Every game has different number of text labels and changing the text will be a bit crazy I think.

I don’t know, what do you think it’s the better option?

Can you prepare a small area that shows how your app would look like

Personally if everything looks the same, just replace the text


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so better instead of using 45 buttons just use listview to make the list of your Games…

Use dynamic buttons and you can use one arrangements for all 45 buttons click operation.
Eg. If i click button 15 and have text Gamers
Then show Arrangement. You have to create a procedure with x value and parse button clicked in this.
Its just simple

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