Set smooth scroll by pixel less than 1 in vertical scroll handler

I’m using vertical scroll handler by Colin Tree to automatically scroll up using smooth scroll by pixel. I set it to 1 pixel but scroll speed was still faster than I want then I set it to 0.5 pixel and it wasn’t scroll.

Do you want to scroll automatically?

Because you sets number of pixels should scrolls in page and you set 0.5 which didn’t see scrolling.
Its not speed. Speed is automatic.

Yes I want to scroll automatically. Are there any methods to control scrolling speed?
Basically I making app for reading text and I want screen scroll automatically. Using SmoothScrollBy by 1 pixel is still too fast for reader/user.

Use clock timer of 1000ms and when
1000ms completes then scroll VA by 1px and then again enable clock timer.

So by this you are scrolling 1px in every second.
And if you want to scroll more slowly than increase time of timer.:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

That it

Thanks Nikhil. Appreciate for your help.

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