Set time in label

Hi. I’m confused about the time, I want the label to display a countdown that has been set to 5000ms (5s), how do I get the time to appear on the label? thank you

You have not added any variable for timer . Your blocks will make the app to trigger for every 5s.

Can you give an example of adding blocks, I’m a little confused

I’m still confused :frowning

One global variable initialise with 0.
Set clock interval to 1000 in designer part

On button click,
Set button enabled to false
1.Set global variable to 5000
2.set label to (5 sec)
3. Set clock to timer enabled to true

When clock timer
Set global variable to get global variable - clock interval
Set label text to join (get global variable) & text(sec)
If get global variable =0
Set clock timer enabled to false
Set button enabled to true

(Modified part)

can you help me in block form? It seems like my brain took a while to understand it… please

Is it like this ?

Did you test the above logic?