Set Variable And Getting Other Value From It

I’m Have A Web Component That Gets Value From API
And Store It On A Variable
The Really Strange Problem Is That When I Get The Value Out Of It
Instead Of Being 8 Is 4
And It’s On Array Or List
The App Is Pretty Big And Have Alot Of Block
So It Would No Help If I Will Share The .aia Becuase For You To See The Part That Won’t Work Will Need To Know The App Because It’s Big
I Log Exactly After Setting The Variable And The One I Get From
The Set Log Show 8
And What I Get Still 4
Important To Mention That When I Get The Value Is Just Few Blocks After I Set It So The Possibility
That Other Process Changed It Is Unlikely
If Anybody Can Help Me
I Will Really Appreciate

For debugging purpose, create a simple .aia and hard-code the actual result that you get from your API. Then use that to test out your STORE and RETRIEVE

Please Share The API Result And Blocks That You Have Tried So We Can Understand Where Is Issue And Try To Solve it

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


I Think The Problem Was In The APi Database
When I manually Delete All The Database And
Write It All Again It’s Was Worked
I Guess It’s My Edits Of It From The Database Panel And Not From The App That May Enter Unrecognized Value Or Something
Thanks For Everyone Who Come To Help
I Really Appreciate :blush:

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