Set variable thru procedure

Hi, as you can see in the picture i created a procedure that has 1 argument (ID)
i set that argument to +1 and specificated that the argument is a specific variable, but variable do not change


WHat do you want ? I dont know what you want to ask ? or is this a tuturial

And how do you know that the value isn’t changing? You need to put another block on procedure * set global ID2 to get id*

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change set variable name in procedure do section. marked them as circle.


Thanks everyone.
I’d like to choose which variable change with this procedure.
In the last post you change ID1, may I choose if change ID1 or ID2?

You can use this method to clean up blocks.

thanks very much. Just to see if there is an alternative, look at those block, is there any way to change with the procedure the “global id” variable?
I have two “set global id”, the first one i set id to -4, the second one i set id to 0
now, if i’d like to select another variable, not “global id” but “global id2”, may i?