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Hello friends. I want automatic language setting in the application. For example, a user downloads them from the UK, and a user from Russia makes them automatically translated into languages. If anyone knows how to make such a plug-in, a video or plug-in information, please help. thank you in advance

You can do it in two ways.

First, you had a very large database to save the different languages ​​and when the language was chosen the application had to restart to apply the changes.

or the second that would be a translation extension. Look this

I want a production like that, let it auto-translate like kodular companion

As I mentioned above! To do this, you will need a relatively large database to be able to translate your application. The companion has its texts saved according to each language, so it is different for each one.

Well, I don’t need that many languages, I just need Azerbaijani and Turkish languages. Is there a shortcut or something else for this?

It can be a little laborious, but save the texts with the different languages ​​using the dictionary. In the tag you put the language, and in the value you put the text translated into that language.

This is necessary for every text category you want to change.

Buttons, texts, animations, etc.

Thank you for your help

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You can try this tutorial…