Setting Html Label in Dynamic Component Extension

Hi Koders,
I am stucked at setting the height of label.
Label text is something like “Create \n Now”.
But only “Create” is displaying on the screen when height is set to automatic. I don’t understand why Automatic height doesn’t worked when I used \n for new line.
Ya Of couse, I know there will be any very simple solution to it, but I tried all around and then created it. hope someone help, :slight_smile:

Something like :


Hi there, You mean “Create [ ] Now”

Check above image

Ya I know that after enabling html, we can use < br > tag,. But I am using dynamic label and I didn’t found any way of enabling the html format for label. Do you know how to ?

Yes there is a block

You can not. You have to use dynamic components extension and set property of dynamic component to HTMLFormat true from blocks

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Set Html to true

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Hi @dora_paz Thanks, I always get the perfect solution from you. Thanks. also thanks @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator

If you are using Kodular’s dynamic components then solution was provided by @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator, I forgot that you can set it from above block because I always use dynamic components extension which gives me more abilities in customization

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