Setting up a video wallpaper with in app?

Hello everyone,

My app is almost complete. It’s a live video wallpaper app. I’m attaching some screenshots of home page and a category page.

The concept is simple,

User can navigate from the home page to different categories and can further scroll through all the wallpapers with preview options etc etc. User can download any wallpaper simply by clicking the download button and the file is downloaded.

Everything works flawlessly.

My question is ( just before finalizing the app and also I didn’t find an answer to this question)

Can we add the ability to let the user set the wallpaper with in the app? I know you can do this with images, but what about MP4 videos? Is this possible? Maybe a workaround?

I would also like to add that this is my very first app, ever (and my very first post) and with the help of this great community I’ve managed to make it this far. A huge thanks too all the contributors.

Looking forward to any assistance on this function

first add a video component and then play the video which you want to play
and if you want components above it use the guide of overlapping

u can try .gifs

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GIF was a good approach, however the video files are very high in quality and if I try retaining the same quality as GIFs the size for a single file reaches over 100MB, but with MP4 renders we have the same quality but the sizes are ideal (10-15mb per file)

use some sites to reduce the site