Setting up project bucket for Firebase Data Change

Hello community. I need to know how to set up the project bucket in order to execute the Firebase Data Change ONLY when COUNTRY changes for ANY of the project buckets in there - To sum up, if I change Argentina, Uruguay or Brasil I want the Firebase Data Change block to execute

Note: Lets suppose 54, 89 and 100 are not fixed values and they can change, so I guess i need variables. Thanks!

Does anyone has an answer?

If they are not fix value then first you have to get these values and then you can budget like this - Map/54/ and set tag to country to change data in country tag.

I am trying to make it work only for this, but nothing happens :frowning:

Deleted the project bucket from the firebase component and left it blank - Worked out!!!

@Jfdsb U can use set bucket to ( join text block with 3 inputs… first input is your main tag or bucket name then 2nd input use slash / and in third u can add next tag from which u want to get values
U can extend this too by using slash/

No you cannot. The OP said the subtag is unique and different because it is created by the user.

Even then it can be implemented with some tricks

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Yes, but in previous post you said 3 inputs, so i said you cannot.

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Hmm i also mentioned that its

Its just an example of how to get data from tags and subtags now its upto him how he can use it in his situation

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That’s why you confused us
Extend is make something larger or further, that’s mean you are saying more than 3 inputs :man_facepalming:

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:joy: No i explained it little… Thinking that every one knows already so just hint the main idea

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I have a question: why do you put set project bucket after the data changed? It should be set before.

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Thank you all for your answers - Look this IDs will be changing, so I want to create like a sort of “dynamic project bucket”

My main idea is that no wonder if there are more IDs (1001 neymar brasil… 5441 maradona argentina) or just 1(3508 ronaldino brasil)

I just want the data change to be executed when “Jugador” changes, no wonder if there is 1 or 1.000.000 IDs, just want to execute whenever any “Jugador” from any ID is changed


So I am wondering how to set up the project bucket

I didn’t get your point… But please try what i mentioned above

Again, the number is unique, how do you possibly input the subtag?

Yeah its unique but generated by some algorithm and can’t we reverse that???
If its based on user then its vert easy
If something different then even it can be achieved with some tricks i meant this​:expressionless:

Yes, the OP is asking what “tricks” do you think of.

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My point is that I dont care if the DB contains only 1 project bucket


3 project buckets


5 pproject buckets

OR 1.000.000 project buckets - Those project buckets will be dynamic because the users will delete them / create more. So maybe sometimes the database will have, 3 project buckets, sometimes 5… sometimes 1.000.000 sometimes 0 project buckets - What I am trying to figure it out is how to set this image in a way that i don’t care how many project buckets are, i just want the data change execute when this change

I can’t use a slash for each number, becuase i don’t know if that project bucket will be deleted, or if more project buckets will be added. I hope you understood

Actually u r not getting my point
Your main bucket is preebas
U can get the next all by calling call get tag list
And when get tag list u can get next tags for example ID, nugador and pais by using for each item loop and get all the next tags and then get values for them