Several problems with Ad Manager

Since Ad mob components are deprecated, I switched from Ad Mob to Ad Manager. My account is approved to serve ads and my app is in Google Play and was serving ads previously with Ad Mob, without any problem.

I want to make a new version of the app, but I have found these problems that anyone seems to know how to solve:

  • There is no “close Ad” method, so I don’t know what will happen if the user close the ad.

  • When testing the app with apk file, the message that the app is not allowed to show ads appears, even in test mode. Banners are showed but not the interstitial one.

  • When testing the app with abb file via Google Play internal test, if the ads are in test mode, the warning message doesn’t appears but interstitial ad is not showed. If the ads are not in test mode, no ads are showed, not banner nor interstitial.

I don’t want to publish a new version of the app in production until I’m quite sure that there will be no problem for the user, I don’t care if ads are not showed yet because some problems with the new version of Kodular and all of this stuff, but nobody seems to give an answer to this.

Hope somebody says something.
Thanks in advance.

Same issue in Internal testing track.

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I am also having the same problem but in my case it is banner ad which is not showing up. Unfortunately Kodular staff is not bothered about it to atleast reply to this problem.

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I’m also having problems with the banner not showing up :frowning_face: