SG Fortnite Companion

(Abhijith) #1

SG Fortnite Companion

SG Fortnite Companion is Build for Players Who wants to see their Stats, In Game Shop, News, Leaks, Upcoming Items, Map, Etc all In One Place. We want to Provide all the Features and Info A Fortnite Player Needs. We are constantly improving our App to Meet Your Demands. We take each and every Review Seriously and Implement the necessary Changes. We Provide Huge Data of your Stats which are helpful for you in deciding Your Game play. It helps you to make changes and become the Top Tier Player. There is a Display of In Game Shop So that you can check What’s in Store without actually Entering the Game. We also Show all the Upcoming Shop Items so that you can plan Ahead to buy Your favorite Items.


App Store/Download link:

Hope you Guys Enjoyed it. I dont know if it’s useful for you guys unless you Play Fortnite So Give it a try if you Like to .


(Deepanshu Arya) #2

Did you use API??

(Abhijith) #3

Yes, i used Api to get more than half of the data and some are From Realtime Database (Firebase)