SHA1 - Your Android App Bundle was signed with an incorrect key

Good morning, Are you all right? .
Well today I need some help
I made an application on the platform (Fabrica de Aplicativo),But I don’t have support to edit my app by platform (Fabrica de Aplicativo),And I made a new app through Kodular,But when I publish the app made by Kodular, I get an error message. : Key Signing error that is different from the previous key, Please use the correct subscription key and try again.
It must be signed with a certificate with the following fingerprint: SHA1)

I thank you for your attention ! :slight_smile:

Are you able to download keystore from Fabrica de Aplicativo, if so download it and upload it to kodular under Kodular preferences…


Hello my friend, thanks for your attention, When accessing my account, from google, from the Play store console, I noticed that I have an option to download the certificate (App Signing Key Certificate). In case I have to upload this file in kodular, how do I upload it? :roll_eyes:

Please search the forum.

I doubt it’s the keystore you are downloading