Shall i keep 3 PC optimization tools

I am having Avast Antivirus,Glary Utilites and Onekey Optimizer.
I was wondering that all of these are required or not as Avast gets most of the job done.
I am keeping Glary Utilites Specifically for Registry Cleanup and It also make the performance faster
and Onekey Optimizer for Running Laptop Fan

P.S=I have Lenovo Laptop and Onekey Optimizer came preloaded with it but still I can remove it. System Configuration i3 5th Gen and 8 GB ram Win10

if your computer is not going slow down then you can keep them

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If you would use Linux then you wouldn’t need any of them at all. :sunglasses::crazy_face:


I never use any optimization tools
Basically because doesn’t make sense

You are using a tool that takes resources in your PC to get more resources in your PC
Do you see how contradictory it is? :sweat_smile:


No i use Windows 10

I do not agree :confused:

My computer originally came with Ubuntu (Note: Modified by Plan Ceibal)

It was almost impossible to have more than 3 tabs open in Chrome

And the Bios was almost impossible to unlock

When I did it I went from Ubuntu, elementaryOS, ChromeOS to finally get to Windows 8.1 which was the best performance I had :upside_down_face:

I think 1 optimiser is enough. Keep avast if it’s also your antivirus. Windows 10 has a very good disk cleaner buit-in :wink: (Settings → System → Storage, then click on Temporary files)

Personally, I only have CCleaner, to manage the boot and clean the registry. (And i disabled it at start)


I get what you say​:hushed:

I use Windows 10 without any third party “optimization” tools. Windows Defender and Storage Sense are great at what they do. I did reinstall Windows with an ISO directly from Microsoft to ensure as little OEM bloat as possible.


I have nothing in the name of antivirus nor I realized necessity to install any.

A windows 8.1 user

Onekey Optimizer is preloaded and i am keeping glary utilities to clean the registry and fix other issues and i have disabled it in start

yeah am still having 5 gigs of ram left when i have opened all of these and one browser

then you can keep them, as long as they dont slow down your pc

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What sorcery is this? I have much less even with less running! And no, I don’t have many apps loading at startup.

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which OS are u using and what apps have u enabled on startup and what is u r ram?